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"Outlook Ventures offered early feedback as we developed our concept into a company. By the time we were looking for capital, they understood our business and were able to contribute not only capital, but vuluable insight and assistance and act as an integral part of our team."
Steve Goodman
Founder and CEO Lasso Logic
overview team portfolio capital resources perspectives

Since 1996, Outlook Ventures has accelerated the growth of industry-transforming technology companies addressing both consumer and business markets. To these companies, Outlook has contributed the strategic and operational support that is our hallmark.

The following are some of the companies that have received an investment from Outlook Ventures.

Active The Active Network, Inc. is a leading provider of technology and marketing solutions for the participatory sports and recreation industry. The company's network of online and offline properties and Active Sports Marketing Group, provide registration and data management tools, enterprise software systems, Web site development, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and commerce and membership benefits. Located in La Jolla, California, The Active Network and its properties generate an estimated 60 million monthly page views, provide registration for more than 20,000 events and leagues worldwide, and deliver offline recreation management solutions to more than 1,000 park and recreation agencies in North America.



"The Internet Payment Infrastructure"
Arthas supplies a person-to-person payment platform allowing individuals to send and receive money over the Internet. The rise in person-to-person sales transactions on auction and classified services has resulted in demand for a more convenient payment mechanism than cashiers checks or money orders as well as the growing demand by businesses for more cost-effective solutions than credit cards. Arthas provides a simple, web-based system for one to send and accept electronic payments. Arthas was acquired by Yahoo (N: YHOO) to form the basis for their payment solutions.

Acquired by Yahoo!


Bridgestream provides a simple, cost effective solution for real-time authorization management. Bridgestream's application manages on-going user and organizational changes that are impossible to capture manually and automatically updates other systems and applications across the complex enterprise. By eliminating the need to manually authorize changes, Bridgestream saves large companies millions of dollars in administration, application implementation, and maintenance costs. Bridgestream also serves as an essential component of any organization that has to manage compliance standards as a matter of business policy. The solution interprets and tracks the company policies that define privilege (access, authority, etc.) and drives approval workflows for systems and application authorization.

Acquired by Oracle


ClairMail delivers true workforce mobility by extending access to enterprise applications from any mobile device with just one-click. Using ClairMail, mobile workers get the information they need without having to log into and use complex applications. ClairMail's customers span a wide array of verticals, yet they all share a common vision - making it easier for their employees and customers to get what they need easily and quickly.


"The World's Best Place to Re-unite"
Classmates Online, Inc. is a personal networking service connecting over 30 million members with friends, family, military and work colleagues. Classmates members can search, find and connect with friends in over 200,000 schools (kindergarten through college), 38,000 military organizations, and 1 million places of employment. Founded in 1995, Classmates has one of the largest subscriber bases on the Web for paid content. The company adds 1.5 million new members each month and is consistently ranked one of the top 15 most highly trafficked Web properties by Nielsen//Net Ratings.

Acquired by United Online


Founded by e-commerce and marketing veterans, Qbiquity merges proven marketing strategies with the unique personal networking properties of the Internet. Qbiquity provides an Internet infrastructure engine that helps marketers acquire and retain customers through personal relationship marketing. Our products integrate seamlessly into our clients' Web sites, allowing their customers to recommend products, services, or any other Web content to friends and business associates.

QBiquity Acquired by Collabrys

Digital Chocolate
Digital Chocolate is a developer of high-quality, original games and applications for mobile phones and offers many of the world's most popular and top-rated games. The company and its games have received numerous awards from the gaming press, as well as overwhelmingly positive user reviews. Since its inception, Digital Chocolate has secured relationships with more than 250 operators and partners, including Cingular, Orange, Sprint, T-Mobile, 3, Verizon Wireless, and Vodafone, and its products are available in over 70 countries around the world.

"Powering Your Customer Communications"

Echopass Corporation is a leading provider of integrated voice and e-media contact center solutions. Echopass solutions enable the processing of contact center transactions while centralizing the management of those transactions. The Echopass offering delivers complete customer interaction business applications, anytime, anywhere that can be tailored to specific vertical markets. Each solution can be customized to unique business processes and existing infrastructure while optimizing operational management of that environment. Echopass solutions provide the contact center management team the ability to control their internal environments and customer-facing applications based on real-time business needs without detailed operational knowledge typically required by each contact center subsystem.


"The eBusiness Network Platform"

In order to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace, today's companies require a flexible technology platform that enables them to dynamically integrate disparate third-party systems and applications into e-business networks. Epicentric's products are completely standards-based, 100% Java and platform-independent. Global 2000 companies build their Web framework with Epicentric Portal Server 3.0 and deliver value-added applications, content and commerce with Epicentric Web Services.

Acquired by Vignette

Impulse Network

"The Online Merchandising Network"
Impulse Network was created to combine the rapid growth of online shopping and e-commerce with the popularity of impulse buying among consumers who seek quality merchandise. Impulse Network was acquired by Inktomi (N: INKT) which develops and markets scalable software designed for the world's largest Internet infrastructure and media companies. It is featured as the Shopping Engine under Inktomi's Portal Services.

Acquired by Inktomi


iOwn has been a leading pioneer in providing mortgage and real estate solutions to consumers and real estate professionals. iOwn provides its customers with a fundamentally better way to identify, purchase, finance, sell, and manage their most significant asset – their home. In addition, iOwn provides a suite of software solutions to mortgage brokers and lending professionals enabling them to efficiently participate in the iOwn network and support the complex real estate processes.

Acquired by Citicorp


"Publishers Create Content Once, We Do The Rest"
Kinecta is dedicated to providing online solutions that seamlessly tie companies with their intended audiences. Kinecta's XML-based, ICE-compliant Extraprise management software enables companies of any size to build low-cost, high-value, automated online content and data distribution networks. Kinecta's proven technology allows controlled exchange and management of business-to-business assets between online partners.

Acquired by Stellent

Lasso Logic
Lasso Logic develops data protection solutions for businesses and remote offices with less than 100 employees. The company was founded on the premise that current tape backup solutions are antiquated, cumbersome and notoriously unreliable. Lasso Logic offers a better approach and a next generation solution for data protection and availability - its Lasso CDP appliance or OEM server solutions.

Acquired by SonicWALL

Loyalty Lab

Loyalty lab is an innovative on-demand loyalty and customer management solution for retailers, providing integrated campaign, promotion, loyalty, and affinity marketing capabilities at substantially lower cost and faster time to market than comparable enterprise software solutions. The company is lead by Mark H Goldstein, a 20-year industry veteran, and backed by Mobius Venture Capital, Outlook Ventures, and Canaan Partners.

MarketHome MarketHome provides traditional retailers with direct marketing software to enhance their customer relations and build revenues. More than 50 world-class clients use the MarketHome solution, including LL Bean, Dean & Deluca, Coach, Joseph A Bank, Talbots, the NBA, Boise Cascade Office Products and Brooks Brothers.

Acquired by ClickAction Inc.


"The Leader in e-Commerce Solutions For e-Printing"
MediaFlex is the industry leader in Internet software and systems for on-demand publishing. MediaFlex's e-printing services provide everything a company needs – using a standard Web browser interface – to offer order creation, processing, tracking, and invoicing of digital printing jobs. The company operates a scalable network that enables e-commerce and the distribution of on-demand image-based products. As one of the first companies to offer on-demand publishing over the Internet, MediaFlex is challenging the traditional image publishing establishment by offering broader selection, better service and higher satisfaction without compromising quality.

Acquired by PrintChannel


"Managing Dynamic Processes in the Networked Enterprise"
nSite Software specializes in the integration of manual business process with routine automated workflow. The reality of business is constant change, resulting in inevitable variances in any standard operating procedure. Variances give rise to manual process, leaving enterprise workflow systems on-hold. nSite Process Server was specifically designed to bring efficiency, order, and consistency to the management of everyday variance processes, returning process outcomes promptly to enterprise workflow systems and restarting standard operating processes. nSite Process Server is the only platform explicitly designed to fill this crucial need, and is a critical component of any BPM strategy.

"The Leader in Pay-for-Performance Search" Overture
Overture (N:OVER), formerly known as GoTo, is the world leader in Pay-For-Performance search on the Internet. The company created the market for Pay-For-Performance search by redefining how businesses market online. In the first quarter of 2002, Overture facilitated more than 587 million paid introductions on a worldwide basis between consumers and its approximately 60,000 advertisers, who bid for placement on relevant search results and pay Overture only when a consumer clicks on their listing. Following a rigorous screening for user relevance by Overture's 100-person editorial team, the company distributes its search results to tens of thousands of sites across the Internet, including MSN, Lycos and Yahoo!, making it the largest Pay-For-Performance search and advertising network on the Internet.


Reconnex is developing a plug-and-play network appliance for real-time "network forensics" by intelligently monitoring and analyzing all forms of content over the network. It is directed at monitoring the activities of insiders and trusted users, and allows corporations and government entities to protect their intellectual property and confidential information, provide simplified policy management for regulatory compliance and prevent and detect inappropriate network use. The Reconnex appliance allows administrators to examine the actual content that is transmitted by internal personnel and provides them a contextual understanding of suspicious activity so they can verify malicious behavior. In addition, it provides a legally binding chain of evidence that can help them successfully pursue legal action against wrong-doers.

Acquired by McAfee

Reply is the leading online marketing platform for the acquisition of locally-targeted and category-specific consumers on a cost-per-click or cost-per-lead basis. By eliminating the need for complex and expensive online marketing infrastructures and large teams of experts, Reply makes Internet marketing available to businesses of all sizes. Reply provides a highly-profitable alternative to online marketing solutions offered by major search engines and ad networks.

"The Power of Relevant Content"
Semagix applies patented semantic web technologies to aggregate, enhance, integrate, analyse and manage all internal and external content. Semagix's patented SCORE (Semantic Content Organization and Retrieval Engine) technology automates these processes and semantically meta-tags digital media of any type and format, so enabling organisations to make fast, intelligent associations between relevant content from multiple sources. Semagix is headquartered in London, England with offices in San Mateo – California, Athens – Georgia and Washington DC in the US.

Voquette Acquired by Semagix


"Access Creates Opportunity"
Soundview Technology (N:SNDV) is an investment banking firm focused exclusively on technology industries. As such Soundview brings deep expertise in fields such as communications, electronic components, photonics, software and systems and is engaged with the thought leaders driving technological development. Soundview is differentiated by its total commitment to understanding the fundamentals and trends that define technology today and shape the direction of tomorrow's markets.


Toolwire is an enterprise service provider specializing in live, hands-on access to real technology through the dynamic provisioning of shared and private workspaces. Toolwire services include live self-paced and classroom-based labs, online product demonstrations, and live problem resolution support — all critical components to training, selling and supporting hardware and software technologies. The demand for this service today results from enterprises buying smaller portions of technology to demonstrate proof-of-concept, user proficiency, and increased ROI. Toolwire meets this demand through its application conferencing services, which advance the adoption of technology through the evaluation and consumption of products in a prompt and cost effective manner. Combining with Logilent Learning Systems in May 2003, Toolwire customers and partners include large software and network enterprises, and worldwide learning organizations.

Vantos allows enterprises to fully automate and manage all their investigations and investigative processes. Vantos can run common investigations out of the box, and can adapt to meet the evolving complexity, volume and variety of enterprise investigations. The power and flexibility of Vantos comes from the underlying platform with its patent-pending technologies. For fast deployment, Vantos is delivered as a hardened appliance with a secure web-based interface that can be up and running in under an hour.

Xactly Xactly™ Corporation delivers on-demand sales compensation applications that enable companies to incent right and sell more. Their customers represent a broad cross-section of industries with sales organizations ranging from 10s to 100s of participants. Current spreadsheet-based incentive programs that are delivered with no real-time visibility, often leave the sales force unmotivated and deliver unpredictable results. Xactly Incent™ allows companies to easily and affordably design, implement, manage and audit optimized incentive programs.

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