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"Outlook Ventures is an excellent source of early stage venture capital. From my past experience with them at ImpulseBuy Networks and, they add tremendous value on the board and that's a reason why I chose to have them as a lead investor in Loyalty Lab."
Mark Goldstein, CEO
Loyalty Lab
overview team portfolio capital resources perspectives

Established in 1996, Outlook™ Ventures actively invests in promising early and growth stage industry-transforming information technology companies on the West Coast. We are passionate about working with talented entrepreneurs toward a shared vision. The firm applies its depth of industry experience and resources, unique among early and growth stage firms, to building each individual portfolio company. As a result, Outlook has delivered returns in the top quartile of all venture funds and, more importantly, has helped entrepreneurs achieve profound impact on their industry sectors.

Our Investing Approach
Outlook Ventures typically takes a leadership role in every financing. For a Series A deal, this often means we are the first institution investor in and we locate a syndicate partner to co-invest alongside us. For a Series B or later deal, we typically lead the deal and invest alongside the current investors and/or another new investor. We support the company's growth over its life through our depth of financial and operational resources, typically taking a board seat. Outlook Ventures was founded on the principle that the willingness to take risks on early and growth stage ventures results in opportunities to contribute to the growth of the winning companies of the future. We invest capital in software infrastructure, applications, and Internet companies addressing both consumer and business markets. Over the life of the company, we continue providing capital and introductions that result in subsequent investments by leading later-stage investors.

Building Companies with Lasting Value
Outlook Ventures compliments the capital we invest with the expertise, networks and active support that builds lasting value. Outlook is simply continuing to do what we have done since our inception - helping companies solidify their strategies and build a lasting foundation, thus enabling them to compete successfully in large new markets and satisfy their customers. Our firm was designed to work with young companies, actively supporting their growth every step of the way. So, our heritage has uniquely prepared us to build businesses using basics that have, for decades, proven to generate lasting value.

Through our team's many years helping to build over 100 new ventures and serving as executives at major corporations including Apple, IBM and AT&T, we have learned that building sustainable businesses requires much more than capital. Through our passion for working with entrepreneurs and depth of experience building businesses, we provide energy and stability to the process even through the roughest of storms. Like most venture firms, we leverage our operational experience to help our companies, but Outlook's philosophy on building companies is unique in several ways.

Through active assistance between board meetings and a pragmatic and proven, yet flexible approach, our goal is to enable founders to address three primary issues: assembling a world-class management team, developing a product or service that meets a strong market need and generating a steady revenue stream. Throughout the process, we leverage our extensive resource including capital and an established network of seasoned industry professionals, to address the specific needs of each company at each stage in its development.

The Outlook Ventures approach has been well-received and has proven valuable in helping to launch and to accelerate the growth of companies such as LassoLogic (acquired by SonicWALL N:SNWL), Overture (N:OVTR), Impulse Networks (acquired by Inktomi, now part of Yahoo N:YHOO), Kinecta (acquired by Stellent N:STEL), Soundview Technology (N:SNDV) and Epicentric (acquired by Vignette N:VIGN).