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"I really value Outlook Ventures' investment and active involvement, primarily in recruiting, sales and marketing where we needed it most. As we build a strong company, we are excited about continued support and resources from the Outlook team so we can become the number one player in a large and growing market."
Mark Tice, CEO
overview team portfolio capital resources perspectives

Outlook Ventures strategy is to invest in early to growth stage industry-transforming information technology companies, then support the management teams to build businesses with lasting value.

For a firm to be considered for investment by Outlook Ventures, it must first meet our core Investment Criteria. We then evaluate business concepts relative to several Characteristics of Sustainable Businesses, which we believe are necessary for businesses to achieve lasting value.

Investment Criteria
The following summary offers an indication of the types of emerging information technology companies that Outlook Ventures targets for investment consideration.

Company Stages: Early Stage to Growth Stage

Geography: Western U.S.

Industry Focus: Software infrastructure, applications, and services companies addressing consumer and/or business markets.

Characteristics of Sustainable Businesses
Outlook Ventures partners believe certain characteristics are critical for a software business to be sustainable. Therefore, when evaluating potential investment opportunities, we apply the following criteria:

  • Market: The business should be pursuing an emerging opportunity that has the potential to become at least a $1 billion industry.
  • Competition: The market should include a limited number of established or potential competitors.
  • Barriers to Entry: The business concept should be based upon a defensible technology or intellectual property.
  • Leadership: The founding team should have deep relevant experience, have built a prior sustainable business and have shown that it can make significant progress on prior funding or sweat equity.
  • Exit Strategy: The company must be IPO-bound and be able to achieve profitability independently.

Outlook Ventures may be the sole investor in a small round or we may co-invest along with other venture capital firms in a larger round.

  • Early Stage: our initial investment is typically $1 to $3 million.
  • Growth Stage: our initial investment is typically $3 to $4 million.
  • Follow-on Rounds: Outlook Ventures reserves roughly 60% of its fund for participation in follow-on rounds such that its total investment in each company is typically $3 to $10 million.

Submitting Investment Opportunities
To submit your investment opportunity, please first confirm that your investment opportunity fits the criteria outlined above and then submit your business plan or concept to bizplan@outlookventures.com. Be sure to include in the email the following: your name, company name, contact information (phone, email and mailing address) and how you learned about Outlook Ventures.